AFTER POST OFFICE.に関する情報を定期的に更新してゆきます。気になる活動などありましたら、ぜひ覗いてみてください。

We will update the information regularly. If you are interested, please take a look.

Jan , 2022


Best wishes and hopes for the brand new year. We will challenge various things without forgetting our passion and curiosity. We look forward to working with you this year.

Jul , 2021


A teaser video of the "UTATA" has been released. It's a wonderful video, so please take a look. We will let you know if there are any events you can invit.

動画/video ↗

プロジェクト/project ↗

Jun , 2021


We released a part of the video of the event called "UTATA". Please listen to the song with passion. The shining cylinder on the right side of the screen was designed by us.

動画/video ↗

プロジェクト/project ↗

Jan , 2021


Best wishes and hopes for the brand new year. we will work with passion and hope. We look forward to working with you this year.

Dec , 2020

新しい住宅作品「House for tube」をホームページに公開いたしました。鏡張りの筒が住宅内に差し込まれた3人のアーティストのための別荘です。

We have released a new architectural project "House for tube" on our website. This is a villa for three artists with a mirrored tube.

プロジェクト/project ↗

Dec , 2020



Daiki Yamaji was involved in the concept design and space design of the event "UTATA". It will be held on December 12th. Please feel free to come. (∗Considering the spread of COVID-19 infection, it was carried out without spectators)

詳細/detail ↗

Oct , 2020


Considering the spread of COVID-19, we decided to release the book on our website. Taking this opportunity, we will put various thoughts into the form of a book and upload. "Books" has been added to the homepage. Please take a look.

Books ↗

Oct , 2020

局長の山地大樹フェスティバル/トーキョー20のイベントの一環としてHand Saw Pressさんとのトークイベントに参加します。このイベントはくすのき荘にて行われます。くすのき荘は「足りないものはまちを使う」というコンセプトを掲げ、Hand Saw Pressさんは「ひらけ!ガリ版印刷発信基地」として、様々な活動を行っている人たちです。皆、応援したくなるような素敵な人たちです。(∗終了しました。)

Daiki Yamaji will participate in a talkevent with "Hand Saw Press" as part of the "Festival/Tokyo" in "Kusunoki-so". I'm looking forward to talking with them. Please feel free to visit.(∗it has finished.)

Festival/Tokyo ↗

Hand Saw Press ↗

くすのき荘/Kusunoki-so ↗

Oct , 2020


Daiki Yamaji will give a presentation of the project at QWS in Shibuya. It is a presentation that considers the essence of the house. It will be held on October 23, so please have a look if you are interested.(∗It has finished.)

プレゼン動画/Presentation ↗

プロジェクト/project ↗

Apr , 2020

当局のウェブサイトを公開しました。こちらのホームページにてAFTER POST OFFICE.の創っているものや考えていることを共有していきたいと考えています。よろしくお願いいたします。

The official website has been released. I would like to share what we are creating and thinking on this homepage.

May , 2019


局長の山地大樹が銀座にある「RED AND BLUE GALLERY」にて行われた「Practice for the beginnig」と題する展示会に出展しました。これからの建築の可能性を思索しています。

Daiki Yamaji exhibited at "Practice for the beginnig" at "RED AND BLUE GALLERY" in Ginza. I thought about the possibility of future architecture.


Practice for the beginnig ↗

Nov , 2018


The proposal of Daiki Yamaji was published in the architectural magazine "Shinkenchiku Nov.2018". You can read our ideas on p28 - p31.

詳細/detail ↗

Oct , 2018


Daiki Yamaji won the first prize at "Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition 2018". Under the theme of "House of AI", I drew the future of artificial intelligence and architecture.

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