Desk for three


You can change the height of the top plate. By changing the height of the desk, the sitting posture, what you can see, and the atmosphere of the space will change.







Desk for three

We advised a friend who was trying to make a desk. It is a desk that can change the height of the top plate. The top board divides the space into upper and lower. This is the same as the role of the wall in the plane direction, and the top plate has a role like "wall in the vertical direction". That is, the height of the top plate greatly affects the quality of the space.

In the room we live in, there are many things such as cartoons, clothes, remote controls, tissues, trash cans, and so on. The atmosphere of the room changes greatly depending on the amount of things that you can see. The less things there are, the closer the room is to an orderly public space, and the more things there are, the closer the room is to a messy private space.

This desk can be transformed into three types. The height of the bar counter, the height of a normal desk, and the height of a low table. Residents can adjust the amount of visible objects by changing the height of the top plate, and change the atmosphere of the space.

If you place the top plate on the highest stage, most of the things will be covered and it will be an orderly space.If you place the top plate in the middle stage, things will begin to appear and it will become a messy space. If you place the top plate at the lowest stage, you will be able to see all the things and the room has a lived-in feel. Just by changing the height of the top plate according to your mood, various scenery is revealed.

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期間   2019年2月
種類   家具
担当   山地大樹

date   Feb.2019
type   Furniture
person   Daiki Yamaji

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